Association El Amane pour le Développement de la Femme

Program Region: Middle East and North Africa
Country: Morocco
City: Marrakesh
Grant History: $153,000.00
Total Awarded: Awarded 7 grants totaling $153,000 between 2004 and 2015.
Grantee Website:

Organization's Purpose: Association El Amane pour le Développement de la Femme [The Amane Association for the Development of Woman] was established in 2002 to improve the lives of women, integrate them in the development process, and defend their human rights. The association works in a disenfranchised region in Marrakech. The Association's objectives are to improve the economic, social health, and legal situation of marginalized and disenfranchised women in Marrakech and to defend women victims of domestic violence to achieve equality between the sexes. It organizes alphabetical and legal literacy workshops and educational programs on the rights of women in Morocco, and engages in advocacy. The group runs two Listening Centers that provide legal and psychological services, and has recently created a women’s rights network in its region.


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